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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Leesburg, VA


4 porcelain veneers on four upper incisors

before and after images


Orthodontic non-extraction case, 22 months

before and after 2

Mini Implants & Crowns

Three mini implants supporting a two crown splint

before and after 3

Mini Implant and Conventional Crown Splint

Two tooth splint supported by a mini implant and a natural tooth

before and after 4

Repairing Tooth Fractured into Nerve

Saving a pre-existing three tooth bridge for senior citizen after cheek portion of front abutment tooth severely fractured into the nerve. Root canal, post and core, three-quarter crown bonded

before and after 5


Abraded incisors treated with porcelain veneers

before and after 6

Root Canal & Crown

Root canal, post and core followed with a ceramic crown.

before and after 7


before and after 8